Inherently Wrong
Inherently Wrong Duration: 6 minutes - Certain rules of banking and monetary compensation packages are addressed in this thought-provoking address.
Finish Strong
Finish Strong Duration: 40 minutes - Inspiring stories from five former students bring to light what truly needs to be done in order to accomplish goals and dreams.
Bringing Active Citizenship to Life
Bringing Active Citizenship to Life Speech Duration: 60 minutes - Explore the many ways of bringing the Alberta High School Social Studies curriculum to life with a focus on doing works for the public good.
S.T.E.P. it Up!
S.T.E.P. it Up! Duration: 16 minutes - Explore the fundamental principles (Sacrifice, Timing, Execution, and Perseverance) that bring enlightenment through the act of hiking. Open link to TEDx speech on home page.
Chief Duration: 7 mins - This speech is based off the short story of the same name in the Gallery section. It illustrates the first-hand account of the plight of a residential school survivor through an educator in the current public school system.
Russ Duration: 9 minutes - With only four months to live, an old man (estranged from his family) relies on his landlord for help.

Moving Thoughts to Speech

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